• Will set the players Simple Calendar theme that matches the passed in theme ID.

    An information notification will be shown to the player if the theme was changed to let them know it has been changed programmatically.


    A promise that resolves to True if the theme is valid and was applied successfully, or it was the theme already being used. The promise will resolve to False if a theme with that ID could not be found.


    await SimpleCalendar.api.setTheme('light');
    //Will return true and change Simple Calendar's theme to the light theme.

    await SimpleCalendar.api.setTheme('light');
    //Will return true and will not change the theme as it was already set to light.

    await SimpleCalendar.api.setTheme('themeDoesNotExist');
    //Will return false and log an error to the console.


    • themeId: string

      The ID of the theme to set. The ID's of all available themes can be found using getAllThemes.

    Returns Promise<boolean>