Object containing all information about a date and time. This can either be the current date and time or the date and time calculated from a timestamp


  • DateData


currentSeason: SeasonData

The season information for this date

day: number

The index of the day in the month for this date.

dayOfTheWeek: number

The day of the week the day falls on.

dayOffset: number

The number of days that the months days are offset by.

All the formatted strings for displaying this date

hour: number

The hour portion of the time

isLeapYear: boolean

If this date falls on a leap year.

midday: number

The timestamp of when it is considered midday for this date.

minute: number

The minute portion of the time

month: number

The index of the month in the year for this date.

second: number

The second portion of the time

showWeekdayHeadings: boolean

If to show the weekday headings for the month.

sunrise: number

The timestamp of when the sun rises for this date.

sunset: number

The timestamp of when the sun sets for this date.

weekdays: string[]

A list of weekday names.

year: number

The year for this date.

yearZero: number

The year that is considered to be the starting year. This is the year used to base calculating timestamps from