Weekday Settings

This section displays all the weekdays that exist in the calendar. Weekdays are used to determine how wide the calendar display is.

Setting Description
Show Weekday Headings If checked on the calendar view a row of weekday headings will show above the list of days. If unchecked these headings will be hidden.
Starting Week Day This is used to select the day of the week that the first day of year 0 starts on. This can be used to help adjust the calendar so the days line up with official calendars.


This section contains the individual weekdays and their options.

Setting Description
Weekday Name The full name of the weekday.
Weekday Name Abbreviation Set the abbreviated name for the weekday. This defaults to the first 2 letters of the weekdays name.
Rest Day If this day of the week is considered a rest day. Rest days are highlighted on the calendar.
Weekday Description A description of the weekday that users can view when clicking on the weekday name in the calendar. The description does support the addition of HTML to format the text.

Adding a New Weekday

Under the list of weekdays there is a button called "Add New Weekday". Clicking this button will add a new weekday to the list.

Remove Weekday(s)

Next to each weekday is a remove button that will remove that specific weekday from the list. Under the list of weekdays there is a button called "Remove All Weekday" that will remove every weekday from the list.